Talented and Under-Represented Female Creators Will Have the Chance to Win an Opportunity to Meet with AMC Executives

AMC Networks is offering a coveted prize as part of a competition recognizing the best female creators at Stareable Fest 2020, the third annual premier web series and indie TV festival taking place October 16-18 at New York City’s Public Hotel. AMC is sponsoring the new prize with female category award finalists earning meetings with AMC executives overseeing its network and streaming platforms as part of the festival’s industry marketplace. To be eligible to win, the majority of the show’s creator/director/producer team must be made up of women. These lucky finalists not only have the chance to join AMC’s team as writers, directors and producers, but their content may also be considered for acquisition by AMC for its various streaming platforms.

Stareable is the largest community for web series creators, giving thousands of creators the tools to engage, grow, and monetize their audiences. Their festival, Stareable Fest, is the marquee event in the web series and indie TV industry, connecting creators to mainstream Hollywood. This year’s festival will take place October 16-18 at New York City’s Public Hotel. All festival Official Selections will be considered for meetings with industry executives as part of the Stareable Fest Marketplace. In past years, award winners have been acquired by major networks, studios, and platforms.

Check out AMC's post about the partnership here and see the official rules and details and submit your project to Stareable Fest here.