We're pleased to announce that this October, we will be awarding writer, director, producer and casting director Katja Blichfeld with the Stareable Fest 2020 Creator Achievement Award.

Blichfeld is known for co-creating and directing High Maintenance, a comedy-drama television and web series, which is available on HBO.

Our Creator Achievement Award honors those creators who have successfully taken their shows to the biggest platforms in the industry and, in doing so, helped open doors for the broader community.

The award will also include brief remarks from Blichfeld, and a fireside chat on how web series and digital creation has supported shaping her career.

The fireside chat will also include a Q&A, which we are currently fielding questions from our community. If you have a question relating to web series and content creation, you may submit it using the form below. Questions will be shortlisted and answered by Blichfeld at the festival.

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